Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages are dominated by PM Boris Johnson’s plans for tackling a Covid surge this autumn and winter. 

The PM’s plan for managing Covid during the winter months has received a mostly negative response from the papers.


PM’s Covid Winter Plan

The Daily Express gives the most positive response, as it hails the PM as “Mr Sensible” for including restrictions as part of his “Plan B”. But the Metro says the PM’s set out a “Covid winter warner.

The Daily Mirror says “Plan for the Worst”, whilst the Daily Telegraph says they are concerned that the “spectre of winter lockdown returns”. The Telegraph adds Tory MPs have expressed “astonishment” and disappointment at what they see as a “slippery slope” towards inevitable curbs on freedoms. 

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The Guardian leads with the government advisers issuing a warning that the UK is at a “pivot point” – and highlights Sage modelling that suggests hospital admissions in England could hit 7,000 people a dat next month. “Go hard, go early, Johnson told”, says the Times.

“Surprise! It’s back to panic stations”, is the verdict from the Daily Mail. “So much for the glorious promise that Britain’s road to normality would be irreversible”.

The Sun says the PM’s Plan A “looks reasonable” but warns he must “at all costs” avoid Plan B. 

Met Gala 2021 

The front pages feature pictures from this year’s Met Gala. Emma Raducanu features on most of the pages, as she attending just days after winning the US Open. “From A-levels to A-lister’ claims the Daily Express

The Times calls it “Mad, Mad Met Ball” and says this is how “A-listers do fancy dress.” Whilst the Guardian focuses of Billie Eilish, saying she “lights up the Met Gala.” 

Images of the Democratic congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, posing in a striking outfit at the Met Gala in New York on Monday night are featured by several papers.

The Financial Times reports that she “stunned” onlookers by wearing a white gown daubed with “tax the rich”. But the Telegraph points out the hypocrisy – with AOC making the statement at an “exclusive” event costing £22,000 a ticket. 

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