The Backyard Leisure Guys - fun at home with the kids activities

The Backyard Leisure Guys - fun at home with the kids activities

The Backyard Leisure Guys are committed to bringing the freedom and adventure of the outdoors into your back garden. It is all about having fun at home with the kid’s activities. The southern-based retailer specialises in outdoor equipment and has a range of products for thrill-seeking, young adventurers. 

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Their products are designed for one purpose to have fun. Enabling children across the UK a sense of freedom and expression within the safety of their own homes. From bouncy castles to waterslides to trampolines, the products are high quality at affordable prices. 

Backyard Leisure Equipment offers first-class customer service driven by passionate, adventure-seeking brothers. 

Backyard Leisure Guys

Meet the founder James of The Backyard Leisure Guys. The company was founded by James, founder and Managing Director, because of his desire to make sure children get the ‘feeling of independence in the garden’. James found freedom and independence in his own backyard as a child. It was getting onto a trampoline that gave him that freedom and sparked confidence to seek adventures on a go-kart and climbing frames. James with his twin brother - founde rof the Backyard leisure guys

James started this business citing his own experience from his own life, – a double below-knee amputee, after complications at birth with my Identical Twin brother. When growing up, I found it very difficult to be independent. However, I remember, once I got onto my trampoline. I felt like I didn’t have my ‘disability’ anymore, That’s what we want kids to feel like they are on top of the world.

The Products – Outdoor Recreation

High quality, affordable prices and speedy delivery times. The Backyard Leisure Guys provide friendly customer service with expert advice Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm and Sat 10 am-4 pm. 

Fun at home with the kid’s activities

The company sells a range of trampolines – free-standing, in-ground and safety nets. There’s a wide range of inflatables, climbing frames, go-karts and plenty of handy accessories, spare parts and outdoor heaters. 


berg-xl-duo-chopper-bf-go-kart perfect for outdoor recreation


This duo cart offers the chance for two to tear up the ground, racing around on this cool, sleek and robust cart. The cart has two seats, and the co-driver’s seat can be removed so the co-driver can stand on the platform. 

The best bit about this go-kart is that the cart grows with your children. The cart has an adjustable steering wheel and saddle, and its robust frame makes it suitable for professional use. 

Playing together is more fun than playing on your own, “it just looks like so much fun” (Maria Angela mother of 2)

Stay at home Kids Activities

Staying at home being involved in kids activities is one of the most important parts of developing and enriching your child childhood.

Movie Time is a favourite

At some point even, the most creative parent is going to have to resort to some good old TV time. Keep a hidden stash of DVDs that you only pull out during cruddy weather so rainy-day television is truly a treat.

The same old Wiggles story is doubly boring for a child whose play options are limited.

But balancing that with an afternoon of physical activity is incredibly rich in your child development and mood. And the age-old adage of – a tired child will sleep for longer also springs to mind. Get those legs jumping and running in the back garden.

Self-Isolation with your kids – Advice from a Teacher

How to Home School your children during the lockdown period



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