The 10 most-wanted luxury property features - Privacy & security

The 10 most-wanted luxury property features - Privacy & security

The 10 most-wanted luxury property features – Privacy & security

Sotheby’s International Realty has unveiled the 10 most-wished luxury property features. The real estate company looked at what buyers are expecting when purchasing a $10 million-plus homes  – sprawling gardens, sustainable features and home spas topping the list. 

But what’s on your property wish list? Take a look at what those buying a multi-million dollar home are wanting from their next abode. 



Privacy and security

Unsurprisingly, topping the list is privacy and security – keeping contents safe, secure, and out of sight from thieves is essential in luxurious homes.

The world of home security for the rich and famous can resemble something out of a summer blockbuster movie. The players are royalty, billionaires and oligarchs. And the dastardly burglars, kidnappers and pirates who lie in wait.

It’s common for prominent families to spend anywhere from $150,000 for entry-level protection to $1 million a year for comprehensive white-glove security measures. Chalk it up to one of the consequences of being a member of the 1%.

Privacy and security frequently showed up as important factors in our survey. For instance, in Taiwan, a “highly secured luxury apartment” recently sold for around US $10 million. Gated entry, privacy fences, or high-tech security systems are all ways to give a luxury home some added appeal


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What’s new?

Gated communities

The rise of the invisible house. There is nothing remarkable about 23726 Long Valley Road — except that it does not appear to exist.

Estate agents’ advertisements show that the high-end Californian home — six bedrooms, pizza oven, pool — is situated in a gated community on the edge of Los Angeles. Yet none of the area’s 648 homes appears on Google Street View. The community is called the Hidden Hills and the rise of these hidden, gated communities are perfect for those in multi-million dollar homes.

Langtry House near Hampstead Heath in London
Langtry House near Hampstead Heath in London

Hidden Homes

is a substantial property with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a cinema room which has been fitted into the space underneath what was previously a row of lock-up garages. The home is tucked behind a mansion block and has resulted in a Bond villain-style hidden lair.

Common security measures for a multi-million dollar home

  • Comprehensive Home Security System
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Gated entry and high fences
  • Professional security team
  • Panic room
  • Secluded areas

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