Russia accuses UK of provoking attacks on its territory & warns the UK

Russia accuses UK government of provoking attacks on its territory and offers a stern warning to the UK.

Russia’s defence ministry said it was ready to hit “decision-making centres” in Kyiv should such attacks occur.

The presence of Western advisers at such centres might not affect its decision to retaliate, it added.

“We would like to stress that the direct provoking by London of the Kyiv regime into such activities [attacking Russian territory], should there be an attempt to realise them, will immediately lead to our proportional response.”

The Russian statement on Telegram.

Russia accuses UK

It comes after a UK defence minister said it was “not necessarily a problem” for Ukraine to use UK-supplied arms against military targets in Russia.

James Heappey said Ukrainian military strikes to disrupt supply lines were a “legitimate” part of the war and described Russian claims of Nato being in conflict with Russia as “nonsense”.

Provoking attacks on its territory

Russia has claimed Ukrainian forces have attacked targets within its territory, including an oil depot in Belgorod, but Ukraine has not confirmed any strikes.

Western countries have donated hundreds of millions of pounds of military aid to Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion back in February, and Nato and European Union officials have been meeting in Germany to discuss further military action.

The UK government has announced it will give Ukrainian forces a small number of anti-aircraft vehicles.