Royal family arrive, service begins

Royal family arrive Service Ends, coffin to be taken to Windsor

Queen’s funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins

Prayer for the soul of a queen – “Go forth, O Christian soul, from this world”

The Archbishop of Canterbury gives the commendation, a prayer which entrusts the soul of the deceased to God.

“We entrust the soul of Elizabeth, our sister here departed, to thy merciful keeping, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life,” he says.

The Commendation will include the familiar line, “Go forth, O Christian soul, from this world”, which is often heard during funerals.

Prayers to give thanks for Queen’s ‘wisdom, diligence and service’ – (BBC)

A series of church leaders are now offering prayers at the service.

The Church of Scotland’s most senior figure, Moderator of the General Assembly Iain Greenshields, begins, offering thanks for the Queen’s “long life and reign” and her “gifts of wisdom, diligence and service”.

Prayers for the Queen praise her “unstinting devotion” – (BBC)

Moderator of the Free Churches Group Helen Cameron praises her “unstinting devotion to duty” and “her compassion for her subjects”.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, gives thanks for “the rich bonds of unity and mutual support she sustained”.

Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell offers thanks for the Queen’s “unswerving devotion to the Gospel”.

Queen's funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins
Queen’s funeral: King Charles III, Camilla, Queen Consort, Princess Anne and her husband
Harry, Meghan and Beatrice can be seen sat behind the King
Queen's funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins
Queen’s funeral: Prince William, Prince George, Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, Peter Philips, Zara and Mike Tindall

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby delivers sermon

The Queen vowed in a 21st birthday broadcast that her whole life would be dedicated to serving the nation and Commonwealth. “Rarely has such a promise been so well kept,” the archbishop said.

Her Late Majesty’s example was not set through her position or her ambition, but through whom she followed. I know His Majesty shares the same faith and hope in Jesus Christ as his mother; the same sense of service and duty.

Referencing the late monarch’s Covid lockdown broadcast, he ends the sermon by saying:

We will all face the merciful judgement of God: we can all share the Queen’s hope which in life and death inspired her servant leadership.

Service in life, hope in death. All who follow the Queen’s example, and inspiration of trust and faith in God, can with her say: ‘We will meet again.’

Hymn from the Queen’s wedding sung at service 

A hymn that was sung at the Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding in 1947 is now sung at the funeral: “The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want”, based on Psalm 23.

Prime Minister Liz Truss reads from scripture

Liz Truss gives the second reading from scripture, from the Gospel According to John: “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

Choir sings music made for the funeral 

The Choir sings Psalm 42- the music has been written for the funeral by Judith Weir and is said to be inspired by the Queen’s faith. 

A reading from scripture: ‘In Christ shall all be made alive’

Baroness Scotland, secretary general of the Commonwealth, reads the first lesson from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, about the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal life to Christians.

It says death will be the final enemy to be defeated by Christ.

“Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

First hymn – ‘Thy kingdom stands and grows for ever’

The first hymn is “The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended”, which was also sung at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897 and at the ceremony for the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

The Dean of Westminster starts the service 

The Dean of Westminster David Hoyle starts the service. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will give the sermon and commendation. 

Queen's funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins
Queen’s funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins Queen’s funeral: Royal family arrive, funeral procession begins

The Dean of Westminster gives the bidding, an invitation to the congregation to pray.

“With gratitude we remember her unswerving commitment to a high calling over so many years as Queen and head of the Commonwealth,” he says.

“With admiration we recall her life long sense of duty and dedication to her people. With thanksgiving we praise God for her constant example of Christian faith and devotion.

“With affection we recall her love for her family and her commitment to the causes she held dear.”

The procession enters the Abbey

The family walk behind the coffin – King Charles III and Camilla, Princess Anne and her husband, Prince William and Princess Kate along with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Peter Phillips walk behind William and Kate. 

Queen’s coffin arrives at the Abbey 

The procession has ended at the coffin has reached the West Gate. 

The bearer party will now lift the coffin off the State Gun Carriage and carry it inside of the Abbey for the service. 

Once inside the coffin will be taken through the nave and the quire and placed on a platform. 

Royal family arrive
The Queen’s coffin en route to Westminster Abbey

Who’s in the royal procession to the Abbey?

Ahead of the State Gun Carriage is the pipes and drums, followed by military officers and senior members of the Queen’s household. 

Pallbearers are made up of officers that served the Queen and bodyguards from the Gentlemen at Arms, Yeoman of the Guard and the Royal Company of Archers. 

To the rear of the carriage, mourners of the King’s household and the King and other royals. 

Queen’s coffin placed on gun carriage 

King Charles III joined by siblings Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew – and sons Prince William and Harry, along with the Queen’s eldest grandson Peter Philips begin to walk behind the coffin. 

The journey should take around eight minutes, with 142 Royal Navy sailors and six officers drawing the carriage.

Queen’s grandchildren arrive 

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie along with the Queen’s youngest grandchildren James Viscount Severn and Lady Loise have arrived at the Abbey. 

King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry along with the Queen’s eldest grandchild – Peter Phillips have arrived at Westminster Hall. 

Kate, Princess of Wales, the Queen Consort and Prince George and Princess Charlotte seen arriving at the Abbey.

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