Queen’s death: Day-to-day guide – Monday’s key events

The key events and times for Monday's events as the nation prepares to say its final goodbyes to our beloved Queen Elizabeth.
Queen’s death: Day-to-day guide - Monday’s key events

Queen’s death: Day-to-day guide – Monday’s key events

The death of our beloved Monarch has brought thousands out onto the streets to pay their respects. All around the world, as tributes pour in, all eyes are on the UK as preparations for the Queen’s funeral are underway and the world is introduced to King Charles III. 

Here’s our guide to the week’s key events up to and including the plans for the Queen’s state funeral on 19 Monday, all you need to know about viewing the Queen’s coffin as she is lying in state and what to expect if you’re travelling to London for the funeral. 

The key events for Monday 12 September 

  • 13:00: The King takes part in the Ceremony of the Keys at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where he will be handed the keys to the city
  • 14:25: He and other Royal Family members will walk behind the Queen’s coffin as it is taken along the Royal Mile to St Giles’ Cathedral
  • 15:00: A service will take place at St Giles’ Cathedral celebrating the life of the Queen and her connection to Scotland
  • 16:00: The Queen will lie at rest at St Giles’ Cathedral for 24 hours, with members of the public able to pay their respects
  • 17:30: A motion of condolence, attended by the King, will be heard in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament. The King will respond
  • 19:20: The King and the Queen’s other children will post a vigil around the coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral
Queen’s death: Day-to-day guide - Monday’s key events

Queen’s death – Monday’s events in full

The Queen’s coffin has arrived in Edinburgh, where members of the public will have the chance to pay their respects and view her coffin. 

She will lie in state, first at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland before being bought back to London where she will lie in state for four days at Westminster Hall

King Charles III will embark on a tour of all four nations that make up the UK. 

He will begin his day in London with a visit to Westminster Hall, in the Palace of Westminster where both the House of Commons and the House of Lords are meeting to express their condolences. Charles will make an address. 

The King and his wife Camilla will fly to Edinburgh, and at around 14:45 BST he will walk behind the Queen’s coffin from Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles’ Cathedral. 

The public will be able to watch the procession as it moves along the Royal Mile

At 15:00 BST, a service to celebrate the Queen’s life will be held and from 17:00 BST, members of the public will be able to view the coffin. The Queen will lie in state at the cathedral for 24 hours. 

There will be a queuing system in place and more details will be announced closer to the time. 

Officials have warned of long waiting times to view the coffin. 
The king will travel to the Palace of Holyroodhouse where he’ll meet Scotland’s, Nicola Sturgeon. He and Camilla will then attend the Scottish Parliament where members will deliver a motion of condolence.  

In the evening, King Charles will hold a vigil with other members of the royal family at St Giles’ Cathedral, where the Queen will lie at rest. 

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