Protect your property - Storm Christoph expected to batter England

Protect your property - Storm Christoph expected to batter England

Protect your property as an Amber alert has been issued by the Met Office, as Storm Christoph approaches, expected to batter England, later this afternoon.

Up to 70mm (2.75in) of rain is forecast to fall within 48 hours in the worst-hit areas from Tuesday.

An amber rain warning has been issued for parts of northern and central England as Storm Christoph approaches. The Met Office told people in Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West, East Midlands and the East of England to expect heavy rain and potential floods.

The warning also stated that 50mm of rain could fall in some areas and there is a potential risk of damage to property, travel delays and power cuts.

Amber Weather Warning

Yellow warnings have been issued for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland.

The Met Office said the downpours, set to last throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, were likely to cause flooding when combined with melting snow on higher ground.

It said there was a “danger to life” due to fast-flowing or deep floodwater, and warned some communities there was a good chance they would be “cut off” by flooded roads.

It also predicted delays and cancellations to public transport, with the amber warning in place until 12:00 GMT on Thursday.

Councils and emergency services have warned people to prepare for potential flooding from Storm Christoph.


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