Motivation Monday: Volunteers helping the self-isolated

Volunteers helping the self-isolated in London and around the rest of the country have offered up their spare time, in an attempt to help stop the virus spreading and support the most vulnerable

The volunteer groups have been taking essential supplies to people who are unable to leave their home in the coming weeks to contain Covid-19. 

‘Young people should be helping’

A 17-year-old boy from London who set up his own volunteer group said: “It’s only right that we help out.” 

Josh St John James, 17, set up his group of young volunteers to offer support in any way. He says he believes young people should be offering to help. 

“ I read that someone of our age is more likely to win the lottery than die from the coronavirus so it’s only right that we help out. You never know when we might need help in the future,” he said.

“I think lots of people are prepared to volunteer and hopefully our group will give them a place to focus.” 

‘We worry they haven’t got food’

Volunteers helping the self-isolated in Cornwall are on a mission to keep the vulnerable supplied. Around 50 people have signed up to volunteer.

Andy Brelsford from the Cornwall group said it also had an additional 50 people in emergency situations. 

“Our worry is that people are being told to self-isolate for two weeks and at the end of that we find out that they haven’t had any food to eat or had anything to drink.” 

“We want to make sure everybody has got somebody to keep them supplied.” 

‘Retired and time-rich’

Charlotte Barry, from Wadebridge, said: “I am an obvious person to get involved. I’m retired, time-rich, don’t fall sick easily and am not in regular contact with anyone who is elderly or has underlying health conditions. 

“We have a lot of elderly people in Cornwall. A lot of them have retired down here and so don’t have the family backing that locals have. 

“So these people are among the most vulnerable as they don’t have anybody obvious to fall back on.”


If you want to get involved, click on the links above to see how you can help the most vulnerable during the pandemic.



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