Meta faces massive lawsuit - A €2.7bn civil class action lawsuit

Meta faces massive lawsuit - A €2.7bn civil class action lawsuit

Meta faces massive lawsuit to the tune of €2.7bn civil lawsuits over allegations it exploited UK Facebook users’ data for profit.

Meta faces massive lawsuit, Facebook is already under the Kosh in Europe and in another swipe at Facebook or Meta, the rebranded version, EU lawyers have launched a multi-billion euro case against the social media giant in the United Kingdom,

This could see up to 44 million UK Facebook users receiving a shared £2.3bn (€2.7bn) in damages, a competition expert claims.

The class action lawsuit against Meta, the company which changed its parent name from Facebook last year, is being launched by competition expert Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen.

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The Facebook lawsuit could result in users receiving a share of £2.3bn in damages

She alleges Facebook abused its market dominance by imposing unfair terms and conditions on UK users to exploit their personal data.

Gormsen alleges Meta set an “unfair price” for UK Facebook users because they traded their data for access to the network for free while the social media giant generated billions in revenue from its users’ data.


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