French boy who was thrown off the Tate Modern now able to sit up

Tate Modern boy making progress

The six-year-old French boy who was thrown off the 10th-floor balcony of the Tate Modern is now able to sit up and hold a spoon.

The child, who cannot be named because of his age, is “slowly but surely continuing to progress” his family have said. 

He was attacked last year by teenager Jonty Bravery at the London art gallery

In a post on a GoFundMe page for the victim, the family said that “after a slump” their “smiling little boy” seems to be coming back. 

“He has gained muscle tone and regained enough strength to manage to sit longer in a sitting position and straighter in his chair without help of his corset,” the post said. 

“He can now eat all soft foods and can almost eat all of his meals on his own, holding his spoon himself with his right hand. 

“As he had more strength, he also has more breath and for that reason, we understand better what he says and he manages to speak to us more.”


The GoFundMe page has raised more than £199,000 for the boy’s treatment and rehabilitation. 

The family thanked supporters for “continuing to think of our little knight in these difficult times.”

“At the hospital, the situation is more complicated with the coronavirus epidemic and containment measures, but you are still there for us.

“Please stay safe and take care of yourself and those you love.” 

The boy suffered a bleed to the brain, fractures to his spine and broken legs and arms when he was thrown off the gallery’s viewing platform.

Bravery, now aged 18, from west London, admitted a charge of attempted murder at the Old Bailey in December. 



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