Covid-19: New funeral rules for England from 17 May

Covid-19: New funeral rules for England from 17 May

Restrictions at funerals in England to change as new rules introduced from 17 May 

Funerals are set to lose restrictions from 17 May, under new plans. The plans will mean families and friends can attend funerals in unlimited numbers. 

As the government reveals its next step to easing Covid-19 restrictions, they will remove the 30-person  legal limit at funerals – ending the restriction a month earlier than planned. 

It means any number of mourners will be able to gather as long as they can social distance at the venue. 

Weddings will be limited to 30 from 17 May, and unlimited from June. The current limit for weddings in England is 15. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many to watch funerals over live streams, making grieving harder. And those who have attended have had to ensure no physical contract. 

Covid-19: New funeral rules for England
Restrictions at funerals: The Queen at Prince Philip’s funeral – only 30 people were allowed to attend


The Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said people have made “huge sacrifices” – nowhere more apparent than in the “deeply painful” restrictions on funerals.” 

Deborah Smith, from the National Association of Funeral Directors, said she was “very pleased” at the planned change.

Although some venues may not have the space to increase numbers much because of social distancing, she said “it does mean that those larger venues can now start welcoming more mourners”.


“It just gives that little bit of choice for families who do have lots of family members and lots of close friends, that they can choose a venue that is a little bit larger.”

Covid-19 roadmap 

Elsewhere,  MPs warn that curbs on foreign holidays should remain to protect the UK from Covid variants. 

The ban on foreign travel is expected to be lifted in England from 17 May, but MPs are wanting current restrictions to continue beyond that date. 

They want the government to “discourage all international leisure travel” saying new variants could lead to more lockdowns and further deaths. 



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