Chaos in Germany 134,000 passengers left stranded by Lufthansa

Chaos in Germany 134,000 passengers left stranded by Lufthansa

Chaos in Germany as Lufthansa ( German airline) announced the cancellation of nearly all of its flights in Germany on Wednesday due to strike action.

The strike is due to start at 3:45 a.m  (2:45 p.m. GMT) on Wednesday and end at 6 a.m. (11:00 pm GMT) on Thursday, the union said in a statement.

134,000 passengers left stranded

Given that a strike of ground staff by trade union Ver.di will have “a massive operational impact in the middle of the peak travel season,”

The airline said it “has to cancel almost the entire flight schedule at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich for Wednesday.”

The union Ver.di is calling for a 9.5% wage increase for Lufthansa ground staff, with a minimum increase of €350 ($368) per month for 12 months.

Staff are overworked due to significant staff shortages, high inflation and a three-year wage freeze, the union said.

Chaos in Germany for summer vacations

With the summer holiday season underway, the airline said it was already working under high pressure to reestablish flight schedules for this weekend, following previous strikes.

Wednesday’s strike may still lead to individual flight cancellations or delays on Thursday and Friday, Lufthansa warned.

At Frankfurt airport, a total of 678 flights will be cancelled, 32 of them on Tuesday and 646 on Wednesday, according to Lufthansa. An estimated 92,000 passengers will be affected.

At the Munich hub, a total of 345 flights will have to be cancelled, including 15 on Tuesday and 330 on Wednesday. An estimated 42,000 passengers will be affected, Lufthansa said.


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