I'm British, Post-Covid-19, Can I still travel freely to the EU?

I'm British, Post-Covid-19, Can I still travel freely to the EU?

Now that the UK has a “third country” status, can I still travel freely to the EU? British citizens have lost their right to travel freely within the EU. There’s technically no difference now between a UK citizen wanting to visit France, and an American citizen, who, incidentally have also been banned since March 2020.

However, since EU states remain sovereign nations, each country has control over its own borders, and will be able to make an exception for UK citizens should it so wish. It might take some time to see how this pans out. Since arrivals from the UK are currently banned from most of Europe, thanks to the new variant of Covid-19, which was first identified in the south of England.

Can UK nationals travel to the EU now?

The million-dollar (or Euromillion) question Can I still travel to Europe freely post Brexit? Long-term, yes. Short-term, hmmm, possibly, or probably, not. Most EU countries have borders currently closed to citizens from outside the bloc, due to Covid-19.

Post-Covid restrictions, whenever that may be, you will still be able to travel visa-free. But you’ll only be allowed to spend 90 days out of every 180 days in the Schengen area (most EU nations plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).


That means spending the winter in the Mediterranean is no longer possible. If you entered the EU on January 1, for example, you would need to leave on April 1 — you wouldn’t be allowed back until June 30, and then would have to leave before October.

Most EU countries have placed Covid-19 related restrictions banning the British from entry, from the UK, until at least January 6. It’s only after that that we might get some clarification on whether or not countries will make exemptions for Brits once the current health crisis begins to abate.


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