The Independent - School’s out: 200,000 teachers strike in biggest shutdown for three decades

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The Independent’s front page says parts of the country will grind to a halt on Wednesday as around 200,000 teachers take part in their biggest strike for three decades. 

The front page features a picture of the late Queen and Prince Andrew with a story about the Queen telling Andrew to clear his name by doing charity work. 

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Pension reform poses biggest challenge to Macron’s legacy as a reformer

A feeling of d?j? vu pervaded the French capital on Monday as hundreds of thousands of protesters unfurled their posters and strikes paralysed public transport in opposition to the government’s announced pension reform. The proposed changes, a cornerstone of Macron’s reform agenda but also a high-stakes test of his reputation as a reformer, are particularly controversial at a time when many French households are struggling with inflation and rising energy prices.

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