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His luck has run out (Picture: Derbyshire RPU/SWNS)

A pensioner’s luck has finally run out as his car was stopped and it was discovered he’d been driving without a licence for 50 years.

Officers from the Derbyshire Police road policing unit pulled the car over for several offences in Derby on Saturday, May 6.

They then discovered the 69-year-old driver had never passed his test or possessed a driving licence, meaning he had been driving illegally for five decades.

He’d been tricking car insurance companies into thinking he had a licence the entire time – and had apparently been bragging about his long-running scam, which led to his downfall.

A statement from the unit shared on Twitter said: ‘The driver of this vehicle has never passed a test despite being 69 years old and having been driving for over 50 years.

‘He has systematically provided details to insurance companies indicating that he had a licence but the flaw in his dastardly plan was bragging.

‘His long reign came to an abrupt end once we found out. Vehicle seized and driver reported for numerous offences.’

Paul Farley, of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, commented: ‘Finally, brought a totally unacceptable reign to an end.

‘The bit he was missing was had he been involved in a collision and we paid out on a claim, we would’ve come back to him for the total cost of that claim.’

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The statement has drawn mixed reactions, with some questioning how the driver managed to get away with it for 50 years.

Steve said: ‘It’s not a good look for the system, he’s managed to carry out his entire life without being caught before, even in todays ANPR world he’s evaded the system for years. Sadly, this one may encourage other chancers as odds of being caught are low.’

In contrast, Joe said: ‘Probably a far better driver than many road users, he’s avoided the police for 50 years… the UK would benefit from having more drivers like this on the road!’

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