Piers Morgan launches a tirade of abuse at Mesut Ozil

Piers Morgan launches a tirade of abuse at Mesut Ozil

Piers Morgan launches a tirade of abuse at Mesut Ozil, losing his cool and dishing hooligan abuse at the Arsenal forward. Ahead of Arsenal’s meeting with Leeds United at Elland Road on Sunday, Ozil wrote: “Let’s goooooo.” Ozil has been consistently supporting his teammates on social media as he has not been included in the 25-man squad.

Piers Morgan Twitter attack

However, that tweet struck a chord with furious Piers Morgan who promptly responded “I wish you would, Mesut. For your sake and Arsenal’s.” Piers is a die-hard Gooners fan, very rarely shy of expressing his opinions and in previous tirades, he led the calls to have Wenger sacked. He is known for his social media warrior abilities.

Ozil chose to respond, and his answer could certainly raise a few eyebrows.

“Piers, was that really you, or was your phone hacked?” was Ozil’s response.

Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, is never short of a retort and he fired back with a couple of tweets of his own.

“First tackle you’ve put in this season – well done!” he said, which was followed up with a more lengthy response.

Morgan wrote: “I must say Mesut Ozil I admire your nerve in trolling Arsenal fans who pay your wages given you’re getting £350k-a-week of OUR money to sit on your a*se doing f*ck all. Try training as hard as you work on being a clever dick. Then the manager might pick you.”

As Ozil has pointed out with regularity, he says he is training hard in a bid to win back the faith of manager Mikel Arteta – but it has so far been to no avail. Hundreds of Ozil fans jumped onto the conversation and supported the Arsenal forward, labelling ‘Piers as pathetic’.


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