VIDEO: Venice floods - Climate Change to Blame for highest tide in 50 years

VIDEO: Venice floods - Climate Change to Blame for highest tide in 50 years

A City Underwater – Venice 2019

Live from Venice: Flooding in the popular tourist destination has seen water levels rise to 6ft – the Mayor of Venice has said that Climate Change is to blame for the extremities seen this year in the Venice floods.

Tourists have been seen walking on elevated walkways in the flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice – 12 November 2019. Locals have had their livelihoods destroyed as the water has seeped into there shops.

Critics have suggested the Mayor is deflecting from the failure of the municipality to complete ‘The Mose project’, which was an initiative that was set up in order to prepare Venice for the growing ferocity in flooding. Critics have alleged that the fund is missing money and corruption has withheld much-needed development.

The European continent has seen a rise in extreme weather throughout 2019, all attributed to climate change. The hotter summers and the wetter winters are unusual around the EU. France, Italy and Spain have both seen a rise in the changing weather conditions.


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