Saudi Arabia supports US deal with Iran if it ensures no nuclear weapons: FM

Prince Faisal said Iran was already “emboldened” and “extremely active in the region with its negative activity.”

Prince Faisal said Iran was already “emboldened” and “extremely active in the region with its negative activity.”

The top Saudi diplomat said Tuesday that Saudi Arabia supports a US nuclear deal with Iran as long as it ensures Tehran would “not now or ever gain” nuclear weapons.

“We certainly support a relations with Iran as long as it ensures that Iran does not gain access to nuclear weapons technology now or in the future, so that is the challenge. “It’s not that we think Iran should stay a pariah forever; we would welcome Iran as a productive member of the region,” Prince Faisal bin Farhan said in a webinar.

Prince Faisal also welcomed the “robust” engagement between Saudi Arabia and its US and European partners over the ongoing nuclear discussions in Vienna.

However, Prince Faisal said that Iran must stop supporting militias in order to play a positive role in the area and its economy.

During the Aspen Security Forum, Prince Faisal said, “Most importantly, [it must] give up a nuclear program, which may be used by Iran to develop nuclear weapons.”
Iran was already “emboldened” and “extremely active in the region with its negative activity,” according to Prince Faisal.
The Saudi FM cited Iran’s supply of weapons to Yemen’s Houthis, Iran’s endangering of shipping in the Arabian Gulf and its role in being part of the “destruction that’s happening to Lebanon’s economy.”

The Biden administration’s stated intentions to reach a “longer and stronger” accord, which would include negotiations on Iran’s funding for proxy militias and its ballistic missile program, were greeted positively by Prince Faisal.
“Everybody wants to address Iran’s regional, malign activities that are destabilizing the region and causing risks not just to us, but to global security and global economy. How to get there is still something that’s I think under discussion,” the Saudi official said.

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