Pakistan intensifies PM Khan’s Kashmir campaign

Pakistan intensifies PM Khan’s Kashmir campaign

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will lead a new campaign for the rights of the people of occupied Kashmir. The campaign started on January 25 and has since been intensified by Pakistan. It will highlight the cruel realities of the Indian-held territory. 

Khan’s Kashmir campaign was announced by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at a press conference at the Foreign Office. He said the purpose of the campaign was to inform the youth and foreigners about the ground realities and India’s brutalities in occupied Kashmir. 

Pakistan intensifies campaign

Qureshi told The Nation newspaper that the government will take up the issue at all forums. 

He said: “Our embassies have been directed to highlight the issue as we have launched a countrywide Kashmir campaign to unmask India. The issue will be taken up at all the bilateral and multilateral interactions. We have never ignored Kashmir in any high-level meeting.” 

Qureshi said of PM Khan: “The PM is a great ambassador of Kashmir. We have been focusing on Kashmir and we will intensify these efforts.”

Article 370

India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads ever since New Delhi illegally annexed the occupied territory by scrapping Article 370, which recognised the valley as a special territory. 

Qureshi said every fundamental right was being denied to those in occupied Kashmir. He said Indian policies were reflective of its growing “unilateralism” on the issue of occupied Kashmir. 

In the press conference he said that as per the Simla Agreement, India and Pakistan were supposed to hold bilateral talks on Kashmir. 

“However, as you have seen, their focus is more towards unilateralism than bilateral talks,” he said. “India’s recent steps and the one taken on August 5 reflects their [India’s] unilateralism,” he said. 

Highlighting the issue 

FM Qureshi said that Pakistan was successful in its efforts to highlight the issue of occupied Kashmir at the UN Security Council despite Indian efforts to ensure otherwise. 

“Two briefings on the Kashmir issue were held [at the Security Council] and their summary was that whatever Pakistan was saying [about Indian atrocities] carries weight,” he said.

The Foreign Minister said PM Imran had told President Trump during their meeting at Davos about the adverse effects of a confrontation between two nuclear powers. He said the prime minister had informed the US president about the “complexities” of the Kashmir issue and urged Trump and the UN to intervene for a solution.

“The prime minister was very clear, he did not mince any words,” he said, referring to PM Imran’s meeting with President Trump in which the two global leaders discussed the Kashmir issue. “PM Imran informed him about the dangers that the world faced if two nuclear powers confronted each other.”



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