Israel attacks Syrian Damascus Airport

Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles toward the Damascus #WTX News Journalist on the ground provides an exclusive report.
Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles toward the Damascus

According to the Syrian state news agency said Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles toward the Damascus area on Friday, triggering the Syrian air defence system that shot down most of them.

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said was the air defences firing, with bright lights seen shooting across the night sky. Explosions were heard in one of the videos.

“The results of the aggression so far were limited to a strike on one of the warehouses at Damascus airport,” the news agency cited a military source as saying. The attack took place at 11:15 PM (2115 GMT), it said.

Wtx News journalist on the ground reports of chaos around the event and suggests that as unusual as it is, it’s almost an everyday occurrence, locals just accept the danger they live in and carry on with their lives.

Israel has mounted attacks in Syria as part of its effort to counter the influence carved out there by Iran, which has supported President Bashar al-Assad in the war that erupted in 2011.

In October, Russia sold Syria with the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles, days after Israeli fighter jets attacked Syrian targets using a Russian surveillance plane flying nearby as a shield of cover.

The last Israeli attack reported by Syrian state media was on December 25, when a missile attack wounded three Syrian soldiers.

A senior Israeli official said in September Israel had carried out more than 200 attacks against Iranian targets in Syria in the last two years. And is determined to quash all Iranian targets in the region.

Israel suggests that Iranian backed groups including Lebanon’s Hezbollah have deployed into Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government during the war, and are providing real unrest in the region.

The US Secretary of State Pompeo, who is currently touring in the United Arab Emirates insisted that the US troop withdrawal bid from Syria was a “tactical change” and that the American mission to counter Iranian influence there remained the same and went on to further emphasise that the US forces were committed to “expel” all Iranian forces in Syria.


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