BREAKING News: UK death toll reaches 27,510 & 122k test in 24 hours

BREAKING News: UK death toll reaches 27,510 & 122k test in 24 hours

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock is leading the UK government’s daily coronavirus briefing and announces the UK death toll from coronavirus has now hit 27,510 – a rise of 739.

This includes COVID-19 related deaths in all settings, such as hospitals and care homes.

The health secretary moves on the all-important testing target of carrying out 100,000 a day by the end of April, Matt Hancock says the government has passed the goal and it was an “incredible achievement”.

He confirms there were 122,347 tests across the UK in the 24 hours up to 09:00 BST (08:00 GMT) on 1 May.

He says there needed to be an “audacious target” and thanking the teams involved, he says the government is “now making real progress”.

He thanks everyone for their help, including Yodel who “got us out of a real hole this week” by delivering tests.

The UK passed the peak

England’s health secretary says he wants to share some “really good news”.

He says now the UK is past the peak, fertility services will be restored. As the government’s management of Britians COVID-19 pandemic has been successful.

“Few families have been untouched by progress in the science… and I know how time-sensitive and how important it is for families affected,” he adds.

“When I say thank you to all those staying at home, of course, I’m saying thank you on behalf of the lives you are saving – but also on behalf of the lives the NHS can now create.”


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