BBC news barred from airing in China

BBC news barred from airing in China

BBC news and BBC World News has been barred from airing in China, according to the National Radio and Television Administration said Thursday.

The development came a week after Britain’s media regulator revoked Chinese state television’s broadcast licence.

On February 4, British media regulator Ofcom revoked China Global Television Network’s (CGTN) licence to broadcast in the United Kingdom after an investigation found the licence was wrongfully held by Star China Media Ltd.

BBC World news

In a statement by the Chinese administration said an investigation found BBC World News‘ China-related reports had “seriously violated” regulations, including that news should be “truthful and fair,” had harmed China’s national interests and undermined national unity.

The channel, therefore, does not meet requirements for foreign channels broadcasting in China and its application to air for another year will not be accepted, it added.

English-language BBC World News and BBC news is not included in most TV channel packages in China but is available in some hotels and residences. Anyone who wants to catch up on breaking news and news from UK will now have to use other channels whilst in China.


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