Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages cover Boris Johnson’s comment that England can “ride out” Omicron without more restrictions – despite the pressure on the NHS. 

There is more coverage of the controversy over the decision to knight Tony Blair, and the latest on Prince Andrew’s case features on most front splashes. 

Like a number of the papers, The Sun leads with the PM’s assertion that the country can”ride out” surging cases and severe staff shortages in the NHS without resorting to new restrictions.

An ambulance trust is asking people with chest pains to get a lift to hospital as COVID absences keep staff off work, the Mirror says.

“No shutdown!” declares the front page of the Daily Express. It quotes the prime minister as saying the battle against Covid is “far from over” but “we can find a way to live with it”.

The prime minister admitted parts of the NHS may be overwhelmed due to staff absences and surging COVID cases, says The Guardian.

Metro focuses on Boris Johnson’s belief that the UK can “ride out” the current coronavirus wave without needing any more restrictions.

The Independent leads with the PM sticking to plan B amid warnings from health leaders that patient care could come under threat after the PM insisted England can “ride out” Omicron without new restrictions. 

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