Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages are dominated by the reaction to the massive Tory rebellion as the PM suffers a ‘hammer blow’ to his premiership. The front pages of many papers carry photographs of the murdered 16-month-old Star Hobson.

The Daily Mirror leads with the death of 16-month-old Star Hobson.

The Guardian says a big Tory rebellion over vaccine passports underlines the prime minister’s “increasingly shaky grip over his party”.

The Queen will still be hosting a family Christmas get together, according to The Sun.

The Daily Express wonders whether the prime minister has made the right decision over the latest measures to tackle COVID-19.

Metro says Boris Johnson suffered a huge Commons rebellion despite a “meeting with backbenchers and a last-gasp ring-round to secure support”. 

‘Ministers flying blind on size of Omicron wave’ says the Independent as the paper’s front splash reports a lack of tests has left ministers ‘blind’ to the size of the Omicron wave and whether restrictions will be needed. 

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