Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Friday's front page continue to report on the ongoing strike action and summer travel fears.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Friday’s front pages lead with the continued strikes and travel chaos, with several papers leading with the news that British Airways staff voted to strike yesterday in a dispute over pay. No dates have been set yet but it’s likely to cause summer holiday chaos.

“Is there no end to this?” is how the Daily Express responds to the news that BA staff are set to strike this summer. 

Whilst the Sun warns travellers face ruined holidays this summer after years of disruptions following the global pandemic. 

The Daily Mirror puts the blame on the airline for treating its staff “appallingly,” while the Guardian says the BA check-in staff’s vote reflects growing unrest among millions of workers across different sectors who are struggling amid the cost of living crisis as prices continue to rise. 

The Daily Telegraph says the BA strikes are likely to be in late July after schools break up and says ministers believe the next set of strikes will target school holidays. 

But The Times quotes sources as saying rail companies and unions have “edged closer towards a deal.” The paper reports a feeling of goodwill rather than “brooding unease” on the picket line. 

The Financial Times says pay settlements for the public sector staff are potentially on track to be as much as 5% this year, to avert widespread strikes by key workers. 

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports the PM wants to relax the push towards greener fuel, over the cost of living crisis concerns. 

Boris Johnson is also the lead for the Times, who says the PM has “reignited his row” with Prince Charles over the controversial and widely condemned Rwanda asylum plan. It is the first known meeting between the two since the Prince reportedly called the government plan ‘appalling’. 

The i says the Queen is popular with the public, in part, because she is discreet and “meddling” by Charles “may yet dog him and the monarchy.” Whilst the Sun reports the Queen has been riding a horse again – nine months after being told to stop for health reasons. 

The Guardian reports on the ruling by the US Supreme Court to extend gun rights, the Telegraph calls it a setback for the US president Joe Biden. 

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