Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday's front pages report on a variety of stories including the controversial Rwanda plan.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday’s front pages report on a variety of stories. The Northern Ireland deal, Prince Andrew and Rwanda plan feature across most papers. 

The Daily Telegraph says European judges will be blocked from having the final say on disputes under new legislation on Northern Ireland’s trading arrangements. The paper predicts this will prompt a fresh Tory rebellion against Boris Johnson.

The Financial Times draws up a list of potential opponents of the bill. The paper says it will bring the PM into conflict with many Conservative MPs, the House of Lords, the EU, legislators in Washington and some business groups in Northern Ireland. 

The Guardian’s front page leads with a warning that the threat to override the protocol is forcing companies to think again about investing in Britain. 

The Rwanda plan also features on some of the front pages. 

The Daily Mail refers to the planned first flight as a ‘flight farce’. The paper quotes Home Office sources as saying that human rights lawyers have tabled a “deluge” of legal claims on behalf of 31 people due to be on board – and even if the court greenlights the flight, there may be no one to put on it. 

Ministers are feeling “pessimistic” about the chances of removal flights going ahead, according to the i. The paper has spoken to a Syrian asylum seeker who tells the paper: “I took a risk to live a peaceful life. Why am I being treated like a criminal?”

The Daily Telegraph uses its editorial to say critics of the Rwanda plan offer no alternative and they need to come up with a solution that would discourage people from making the small boat journey across the Channel this summer. 

For the Mirror, food is the front page splash. The paper says the prime minister intends to ditch plans to extend free school meals – meaning more than a million children living in poverty will stay hungry. 

Prince Andrew reportedly wanting to return to royal life 

The Daily Mail has a photo of Andrew on its front page saying he has asked for his royal status back and to be reinstated as Grenadier Guards colonel. 

Whilst The Sun says Andrew’s hopes of a springboard back to public life have been dashed by Prince Charles and Prince William – who lobbied the Queen to block Andrew’s appearance in public at a ceremony in Windsor later.

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