Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday's front pages report on the PM surviving a confidence vote, despite the terrible results.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday’s papers lead heavily with the news that prime minister Boris Johnson won his confidence vote – but got horrific results despite the win. 


The Metro leads on the political news, the headline reads: “The party is over Boris” and says the PM’s “days in Downing Street now look numbered.” The paper also quotes the PM calling the vote “convincing and decisive” and a “very good result for politics and the country.” 

The vote delivered the “worst verdict on a sitting prime minister by their own party in recent times,” says the Guardian. The paper says Boris Johnson has “in effect lost his majority support in Parliament” and that there is a “risk that his government may now be paralysed.” 

The Independent said that Mr Johnson had clung onto power, but questioned how long the under-pressure prime minister would last in No 10.

The Mirror carries a picture of Mr Johnson bent forward with his head on one hand and quotes Sir Roger Gale, a fellow Tory and one of the longest-serving MPs in Parliament, saying: “I’d be surprised if he’s still in Downing Street by the end of autumn”.

The right-leaning newspapers take a completely different approach than the left-leaning papers. 

The Sun says the prime minister was “stabbed in the back” by the 148 rebels in Monday’s vote. The paper also quotes the PM saying: “We are going to bash on.” 

The Express reports the PM has hailed the vote as a “renewed mandate to deliver for Britain” and vowed to “lead [his] party to victory.” 

And the Mail says the MPs who voted against the prime minister have “hit the self-destruct button by opening [the] door to smirking Starmer’s coalition of chaos”. The paper quotes one MP loyal to Mr Johnson as describing Monday as “the first day of the civil war”.

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