Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday's front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Monday’s front pages have a variety of ongoing stories including the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis. Several papers look ahead at a speech expected this morning from Ben Wallace. 

The Daily Telegraph and the Times highlight Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s speech which will accuse Vladimir Putin and his inner circle of “mirroring” the fascism of Nazi Germany. 

Wallace will also say they must meet the same fate as the Nazis. His speech is expected to coincide with the military parade in Moscow. 

The Telegraph reports western officials have told them that Putin could use the event to expand his invasion of Ukraine and announce the intention to annex its Donbas region. 

For the Financial Times lead with the United States’ latest round of sanctions against Russia. The paper says the measures target 27 executives at Gazprombank – although its assets will not be frozen and transactions will not be blocked because that is how European countries pay for Russian gas. 

American companies will no longer be able to sell accounting and consulting services to Russian firms. 

The Metro leads with Volodymyr Zelensky’s moving rallying cry to the Ukrainian people as the world marked 77 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Ukrainian President compared Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler and vowed Ukraine would prevail against Russia’s invasion.

The Guardian leads with a survey with suggests more than 2 million adults in the UK have not been able to afford to eat for a whole day in the past month. The paper suggests the findings lay bare the “catastrophic” impact of the cost of living crisis.  

The i newspaper says Liz Truss – who has been negotiating with the EU to find a way to reduce the checks – believes the talks will fail. It says she plans to ask the prime minister to authorise unilateral action, which would include suspending large parts of the Brexit deal.

However, cabinet sources have told the Daily Telegraph that Ms Truss faces opposition to her plan from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove. The paper says Mr Gove favours a slightly softer approach and talking for longer, while Mr Sunak fears any unilateral action could lead to a trade war with the EU, which would worsen the cost of living crisis.

For the Daily Mail, it leads with beergate – saying Keir Starmer is “running scared” as police investigate whether he breached Covid rules during a visit to Durham last year. He cancelled his speech due to be given on Monday afternoon. 

The front pages of the Sun and the Daily Mirror feature tributes to the actor Dennis Waterman, who has died aged 74.

He is described as a legend who put his success down to good fortune – saying that he planned his golf more than his career. The Sun’s headline draws on the theme song from Waterman’s show, Minder: “You were so good for us, Dennis”.