Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday's front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday’s newspapers are fairly varied – with political scandals, royal blunders and election fears finding their way onto the front pages of the UK national newspapers. 

Russian invasion of Ukraine – ready for ‘finest hour’ 

For the Guardian, the biggest story is on Priti Patel facing what it calls a “mass legal action” on behalf of hundreds of Ukrainians, who are encountering delays in getting to the UK. 

The Telegraph leads with Ukraine, saying the country is ready for its “finest hour”. The paper is previewing a video speech Boris Johnson will make to Ukrainian MPs on Tuesday in which he will announce more military aid and praise the country’s resistance against the Russian invasion. The PM’s words will echo Winston Churchill’s 1940 address to Parliament when he urged Britain to keep fighting Hitler, the paper adds. 

Tories facing worst local election results since 90s

The main story dominating the front page of the Telegraph is a warning that the Conservatives are braced for their worst local election results since the 1990s when Blair was Labour’s leader. Survey predictions believe the Tories could lose control of six councils while Labour could gain 16, writes the paper.

Healthcare crisis – ‘crumbling and filthy hospitals’ 

The Daily Mail’s front page asks “Where have our GPs gone” – adding, figures show there is just one family doctor for every 2,200 patients, because of NHS staff shortages. 

Whilst the Times reports on “crumbling and filthy hospitals putting patients’ lives at risk.” The paper says recent incidents include a patient on a ventilator being trapped in a broken lift for 35 minutes. A Department of Health spokesman tells the paper the government is “delivering the biggest hospital building programme in a generation”.

The cost of living crisis dominates the Times – the paper says millions of people on final-salary pensions could lose thousands of pounds due to the surge in cost of living. 

Several tabloids lead with a report that a man posing as a priest stayed the night at army barracks near Windsor Castle. The Sun calls it “an astonishing security blunder” whilst the Metro – which also leads with the story – calls it “The Fail of the Sentry.”

Several papers celebrate Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record-equalling world snooker title. The “King” of the Crucible is in “Seventh heaven,” declares the Daily Express.

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