Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday's front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday’s front pages cover the latest from the ongoing war in Ukraine as Russia launches a fresh attack in the east and families are seeking answers as to what happened to their sons when the warship Moskva sank last week. 

The papers report on the PM’s trip to the Commons today where he is expected to apologise following his Partygate fine. 

The royals, Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrity stories feature on several tabloid front pages. 

Ukraine war latest – fresh attack of the east 

The i’s front page headline reads: “Nowhere is safe” above an image of bombed buildings that had been hit by Russian missiles in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. The paper says the attack has raised new fears for civilians who had considered the area a safe haven.

The Independent leads with a similar image and headline – the paper says “Russia’s bombardment intensifies” 

For the Times the focus is on Russia’s offensive in the east – where it says Ukrainian forces are “holding the line” despite losing control of at least one town. 

Several of the papers lead on the families who are searching for answers about what happened to the crew of the sunken Russian warship Moskva

The Daily Mail says families are speaking out at the risk of censure or arrest to get the truth. The paper says one father who has been searching for his son has denounced Russian claims that all the crew were rescued as “a blatant and cynical lie.” 

Whilst the Guardian reports on a mother who had been waiting for news on her son for four days – she found out yesterday he had died. She says she has been given no information as to how he died or when his funeral will be. 

PM to apologise for Partygate

Several of the papers lead with the prime minister’s expected apology to PMs following his fine over Partygate. “Johnson’s walk of shame” is how the Mirror describes the PM’s expected appearance in the Commons on Tuesday. 

Whilst the Daily Telegraph claims he will offer “a full throated apology”. But the Speaker of the House of Commons is expected to allow a vote on an investigation into whether the PM misled MPs. 

Cristiano Ronaldo heartbreak 

The Sun is among several national papers reporting on the tragedy that has hit Manchester United legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. The footballer revealed one of his newborn twins died during delivery. The paper says he told the world about the loss of his son in an “emotional outpouring” on social media. He spoke of being in “the greatest pain” but said his surviving daughter gives him strength.

Some papers are reporting on claims by cyclist Bradley Wiggins who claims he was sexually groomed at 13 by a coach. Wiggins opened up to Men’s Health magazine saying he buried the ordeal and only recently has been able to accept what happened. 

The Daily Express says the Queen’s “greatest wish” is for Prince Harry and Meghan to be part of her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. The paper claims she wants her wider family to appear on Buckingham Palace balcony in June – opening up the possibility disgraced Prince Andrew could make an appearance.

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