Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday's papers.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages continue their coverage of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The papers report on Ukraianins fleeing, the missile attack on the satellite tower and a war memorial site as well as Ukrainian defiance – the papers acknowledge Russia’s advancement towards the capital Kyiv. 


The Independent leads with an image of a woman feeding a young child along with the paper’s campaign on how you can help Ukrainian refugees. The Independent’s lead story reports on the Capital preparing for a missile and army convoy attack on Kyiv as Russian soldiers move in on the beating heart of the country. 

The Guardian leads with the story of how the “piercing screams of children” and “the barking of traumatised dogs” could be heard during the “desperate rush for the last train from Kyiv”. The paper reports on the television tower being destroyed by Russia amid warnings to Ukrainian to leave ahead of a planned attack.

The world has shown its “contempt for Russia” after UN diplomats walked out of a conference as Vladimir Putin’s foreign minister blamed Ukraine for its invasion, the Metro reports. The paper uses the headline: “Shunned by the world”. 

Vladimir Putin’s “bloody war intensified after a 40-mile column of Russian tanks edged closer to Kyiv”, the Daily Express reports. The paper features an image of the satellite tower that was hit by a Russian missile under the headline: “Blitzed … But never beaten” along with an image of the Ukrainian president who appeared via video link in an address to EU politicians. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Ukrainians would fight to the death as Moscow’s forces closed in on Kyiv, the Daily Mirror reports. The paper leads with the same image of Ukraine’s President Zelensky – raising his fist. 

Vladimir Putin’s forces sparked new outrage yesterday by “blitzing a Ukrainian war memorial site where 100,000 victims of Nazis are buried”, The Sun reports. The paper reports on what it calls a “serpent of death” – the 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks, artillery and armoured vehicles snaking through Ukraine as it advances on Kyiv.