Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday's front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Tuesday’s front pages report heavily on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine – the papers pick up on the death of a 10-year-old Ukrainian girl who was reportedly shot dead, alongside her parents, by Russian troops. 

The papers report on the cost of war on civilians as well as civilian deaths – at the time of writing this, Russian tanks are moving in on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – apparently planning to seize the capital. 


The Sun focuses on one of the child victims of Putin’s war in Ukraine – 10-year-old Polina was shot dead with her parents by Russian troops. The paper dedicates the front splash to her – and asks “How many children must die, Putin?”

The Daily Mirror describes the Russian president as a “coward who kills little girls in slippers and unicorn pyjamas”. The paper’s headlines – ‘fight for the innocents’ uses a picture of a six-year-old being treated by a paramedic – the paper says the girl is one of 16 kids to die at Russia’s hands. 

The Daily Express describes Vladimir Putin’s attacks on children in Ukraine as “monstrous” and says the “heartbreaking image” exposes “the brutal reality of Putin’s senseless war”. 

The Guardian says that Russia’s continuing attacks on Ukrainian cities defy sanctions and peace talks. The paper says the Kremlin, having failed to land a knockout blow in the first days of the war, is now “prepared to use more desperate measures.” It says rocket attacks on Monday killed dozens of civilians in Kharkiv, while several detonations were also reported in Kyiv – although it notes Russian forces have yet to take any major Ukrainian city.

Metro focuses on the civilian death toll in Ukraine, reporting on the death of one of the youngest victims so far. The paper leads with the words of a doctor who attempted to save the life of a six-year-old girl caught in the shelling of flats. . “Show this to Putin – the eyes of this child and crying doctors,” the doctor told a journalist. 

The Independent says the allies fear Putin will turn to ‘indiscriminate’ attacks after dozens killed by suspected cluster bombs. The online newspaper reports that the Russian president is “frustrated” and could ramp up violence after failure of initial Ukraine invasion plan. 

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