Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages.

Today’s news summary – Paper Talk

Wednesday’s front pages report heavily on the UK’s sanctions against Russia – unveiled by the prime minister yesterday in the Commons. The paper’s general tone is the UK sanctions are weak and need to go further. 


The Sun urges the PM to do all he can to stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The paper says Putin is ready to start a war, calling him ‘irrational and illogical.’ The paper also reports on Sir Elton John’s private jet troubles at 10,000ft. 

The Daily Mirror reports that MPs and activists have called for a clampdown on London being used to launder dirty Russian money. The paper says the PM has done ‘too little too late’ to hurt the Russian president – as Putin begins the invasion. 

The Daily Express reports that the West has fired the first salvo of sanctions at Russia amid fears of an all-out invasion of Ukraine. The Duchess of Cambridge also features on the front splash.

The Guardian reports that Vladimir Putin has said Russia will support the territorial claims of its proxy states in east Ukraine, increasing the likelihood of a larger conflict in the near future. The paper also reports on the UK ‘ghost flight’ boom since 2020. 

Boris Johnson has promised to turn Russia into a pariah state as he unveiled the “first barrage” of financial sanctions after Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine, the Metro says. The paper features a picture of Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin on the front page. 

The Independent leads with calls to strengthen the ‘tepid’ Russian sanctions – amid criticism of the UK’s sanctions as Russian president Vladimir Putin ‘paves way for further invasion’. The paper’s main image is of Russian troops in tanks on the move in Ukraine yesterday.