The Sun – Don’t be a Novak …Get Boosted

The Sun - Don’t be a Novak …Get Boosted

The Sun – Don’t be a Novak …Get Boosted

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The Sun – Don’t be a Novak …Get Boosted 

The Sun leads on how Boris Johnson is urging wavering Britons to get their COVID booster – as “anti-vax” tennis ace Novak Djokovic won a ruling to stay in Australia. 

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Angel Lynn, 19, fell from a van at 60mph after being kidnapped

FAMILY’S FURY Monster gave Angel Lynn a life sentence but he’ll be out in two years, say family as she’s pictured in hospital bed The Sun: THE parents of a teenager left with life-wrecking injuries after trying to flee from her controlling boyfriend blasted his jail term — which will see him walk free in two years. Angel Lynn, 19, fell from a van at 60mph after being kidnapped by Chay Bowskill. ……………… FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL

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Adele’s destroyed God knows how many dream trips for fans – she’s disappeared up her celeb backside, says Piers Morgan

THE most famous phrase in showbusiness is, “The show must go on!”.

It originates in the 19th century in circuses, when either performers got injured doing death-defying stunts or animals got loose, and the ringmaster would bound out to keep the entertainment going and stop the audience from worrying or panicking and fleeing the Big Top

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