The Independent - PM announces COVID inquiry

The Independent - PM announces COVID inquiry

The Independent leads with the PM announcing an independent inquiry into the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been served with court judgement over an unpaid debt, according to reports.

The paper covers the news of plans to introduce voter ID that could freeze out more than 2 million voters. Also featured is news on the Israel-Gaza violence, as the death toll rises.



UK COVID-19: PM announces independent inquiry

The Prime Minister’s announcement that an independent statutory inquiry into the handling of the pandemic will be launched. The inquiry will begin in Spring 2022 and could end up being the widest-ranging inquiry ever done. A lot of people are in support of the inquiry and believe, one year on since the pandemic hit Britain, that there are questions that need to be answered.

GCSE and A-level papers being sold on social media for £1

The paper says it has learned that GCSE and A-level papers from last year’s cancelled exams are being sold on social media for as little as £1. The exam papers are being used by many schools across England, according to the paper. Due to the pandemic, last summer’s exams were cancelled and this year traditional exams are again cancelled. Across England, schools this year will use a range of assessments – including exa,s, coursework and mocks- to decide on grades. The paper says there are fears the 2020 exam papers floating around online could undermine the reliability of the grades.

Boris Johnson served with court judgment over £535 unpaid debt

The G PM Boris Johnson has had a county court judgement issued against him for a £535 debt that has not been repaid. The judgement places the PM at risk of a bad credit rating and potential enforcement action by bailiffs. Mr Johnson had the judgement against him in October 2021 for the unpaid £535 debt. The register does not say to whom the debt is owed.

Israel-Gaza violence: death toll rises as UN envoy warns over escalation

The paper says Israeli jets and Palestinian militants have traded fresh attacks as the UN’s Middle East envoy warned of an escualtion towards a full-scale war.

One person was killed and two injured after an anti-tank guided missile struck a vehicle patrolling near the border between Israel and Gaza on Wednesday morning. Mortar shells fired across the border hampered efforts by medical teams to reach the scene.

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