I news - No 10 cancels ‘accidental’ lockdowns & Jabs available for 30s+

I news - No 10 cancels ‘accidental’ lockdowns & Jabs available for 30s+

The i newspaper leads with the government ‘u-turn’ on its ‘accidental lockdowns’. 

Online, the i is heavily focused on Dominic Cummings committee meeting today, the paper says Cummings could have secret audio recordings and that he has been given a warning over the Offical Secrets Act. 

The i reports the vaccination rollout has now opened up to ages 30 and 31, telling the age group to expect a text or letter from the NHS within days. 

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No 10 cancels accidental lockdowns

The i newspaper’s front page leads with the ‘U-turn’ on what it calls the “accidental lockdowns.” The paper reports that Tuesday saw “several Tory MPs protest privately to Downing Street.” 

Cummings given warning over Offical Secrets Act 

The front page says No 10 wants to limit revelations from former aide Dominic Cummings who is to appear in front of a committee today, to give evidence on the government’s handling of the pandemic. 

Headlines from i news Online

Dominic Cummings posts image of No10 ‘Covid plan’ that reads ‘who do we not save?’ ahead of bombshell evidence

Online, the i is heading with more Dominic Cummings news, as the ‘once trusted’ adviser is ‘revelling’ in pointing fingers. 

Dominic Cummings may have audio recordings to back up his allegations, say Whitehall sources

The paper says rumours are circulating Dominic Cummings may have audio recordings to back up his allegations. 

MPs will quiz Cummings today and the paper says its likely they will ask him if he has recordings of sensitive conversations. 

People aged 30 and 31 invited to book their coronavirus vaccination

Vaccine news also dominates online, the i says one million people aged 30 and 31 will receive texts or letters from the NHS within days, inviting them to book their vaccination. 

The i adds that this age group will be offered either Pfizer or Moderna due to the small blood clot risks for younger people with the Oxford jab.

Government has abandoned work on LGBT Action Plan despite promise from Boris Johnson

The paper online reports the PM has ‘abandoned’ work on LGBT Action Plan despite promises. 

Boris Johnson claimed before the 2019 election he would remain committed to the plan, the i says, bit minister Liz Truss has confirmed that has now been ‘killed off.’



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