Man charged with murdering police officer

Man charged with murdering police officer

 COP ‘MURDER’ CHARGES Matt Ratana: Louis de Zoysa, 23, charged with murder over cop shooting after suspect suffered brain damage 9 months ago

The Sun Says: A MAN has today been charged with the murder of Met Police Sergeant Matt Ratana nine months after the suspect suffered brain damage.

The cop was fatally shot last year with Louis de Zoysa, 23, from Banstead, Surrey today charged with murder, and possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition.

Sgt Ratana, 54, was shot dead as a handcuffed suspect was being taken into custody on September 25 last year.

The veteran officer – who had served with the Met since 1991 – was the first ever officer to be killed inside a British police station.

De Zoysa was taken to hospital with an alleged gunshot wound following the shooting and was left fighting for his life.

He was treated in hospital for brain damage and had been unfit to be quizzed.

However, cops have now said a recent change to his condition had meant he had been charged.


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