The Daily Express - We may need to wait for our freedom

The Daily Express - We may need to wait for our freedom

The Daily Express’s front splash features a picture of the prime minister with his arms folded as the paper declares ‘we may need to wait for our freedom’. It paper notes the Indian variant is now the dominant variant in the UK. 

Online, the paper continues coverage on Boris Johnson declaring the PM ‘sticks it to the EU’. On a lighter note, the paper celebrates the return of the sunnier weather and the Duchess of Cambridge keeping her promise to a young cancer patient. 

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Boris Johnson: We may need to wait for our freedom 

The Daily Express lead says the proposed end of lockdown may have to be later than the expected date of 21 June. The front page features a picture of the PM with his arms folded, the paper notes the Indian variant is now the dominant variant in the UK. 

The Sun is back, for a fortnight

On a more positive note, the paper’s front page features a picture of Bournemouth beach in the sun, which it says “is back (at least for a fortnight).” 

Kate makes little Mila’s dream come true

The Duchess of Cambridge is also featured on the front page as the paper claims Kate has made ‘Mila’s dream come true’ as the Duchess spoke to the 5-year-old cancer patient both in pink dresses.


Boris sticks it to EU: Arch-Brussels critic Orban first Euro leader at No10 since Brexit

Daily Express says Boris Johnson will meet with eurosceptic Hungarian leader Viktor Orban at No10 today – the first EU leader to be granted the privilege since Brexit.

Exam paper for 13-year-olds in 1944 stuns public for being unbelievably hard

Daily Express says the old history exam paper from 1944 asks third year pupils to answer detailed questions about the union of the Scottish and English parliaments as well as the Battle of Carham, The Darien Scheme and the Marquis of Montrose.

Sturgeon despair as Scotland ‘would lose 25,000 jobs in defence’ after independence

Daily Express says the Scottish First Minister sent the country’s business sector into a frenzy this week after she announced her party’s discussions of a formal co-operation agreement with the Scottish Greens. Speaking to MSPs in Holyrood, she said the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Greens were working on policy areas they could collaborate on in the future. While Ms Sturgeon ruled out a full coalition, she said Green MSPs filling ministerial jobs could be a possibility.

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