The Daily Telegraph - Britain facing cancer crisis after Covid-19

The Daily Telegraph - Britain facing cancer crisis after Covid-19

The Daily Telegraph leads with expert warnings that Britain could face a cancer crisis due to missed checks because of the pandemic. 

The paper looks ahead at the easing of restrictions, suggesting Britain is still on track and the PM is expected to give an update in the coming days. 

Dominic Cummings’ criticism of the government’s handling of the pandemic features on the front page, Cummings calling covid plan ‘utter chaos’. 

MPs are set to summon BBC bosses in light of Lord Dyson’s inquiry into the Martin Bashir Princess Diana interview. 

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Cancer crisis 

The Daily Telegraph leads with expert warnings that Britain is facing a risk of replacing the Covid-19 crisis with a cancer crisis due to the number of people who have missed urgent checks since the pandemic began in March 2019. 

The paper says in the 12 months to March, 304,555 fewer patients in England were given an urgent hospital referral by their GP because of suspected cancer. 

Johnson looks to ease pubs curbs

It is believed that PM Boris Johnson will signal this week that Britain is on track to lift all restrictions on June 21. It is also believed that ministers are discussing the return to ordering drinks at the bar. The PM is set to update the country on the coming days, informing the public on the latest data, the Indian variant and the lifting of lockdown rules. 

Cummings: Covid-19 plan was ‘utter chaos’ 

The paper front splash features a picture of former PM advisor Dominic Cummings. The paper says Cummings has ‘turned his fire on government advisers and Whitehall departments’ as he continues to bash the government’s response to the pandemic. 

Cummings called the initial strategy ‘disastrously misconceived’ and says ministers resorted to a ‘bodged’ backup plan amid ‘utter chaos’.  

MPs want to question BBC bosses over Bashir

The Telegraph says MPs are to summon BBC bosses to give testimony about the Martin Bashir scandal and the safeguards in place to ensure nothing like it ever happens again. 

It follows the publication of Lord Dyson’s inquiry into how Martin Bashir secured the infamous 1995 interview with the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Lord Dyson’s inquiry says Bashir falsified financial statements amongst other ‘deceitful tactics to secure the interview with Princess Diana

Cable car crash kills 14 in Italian Alps

The paper’s front page covers the news that at least 14 people have died in a terrible accident in Italy. A cable car carrying tourists snapped and plunged 20metres to the ground. 

The paper reports two children were taken to the hospital but one later died. One child remains in a critical condition. 

Liverpool, Kane and Aguero light up Premier League final 

The paper gives their club-by-club verdict on the Premier League, the surprise packages, summer priorities and their grades for each team. 

The paper describes this season’s Premier League as one of the ‘most gruelling’ seasons in history and the paper’s writers give their verdict on all 20 clubs. 



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