The Times - Boris Johnson rejected school catch up tsar’s £15bn proposal 

The Times - Boris Johnson rejected school catch up tsar’s £15bn proposal 

The Times front page says PM Boris Johnson has ‘failed a generation of children’ after he rejected the £15bn school catch up proposal from Sir Kevan, who has written an article for the paper. 

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You’ve failed a generation of children, Boris Johnson told

Sir Kevan has also written for the Times, saying he had “no option” but to resign after PM Boris Johnson rejected his proposals for a £15bn package. The support announced by the government is “too narrow, too small and will be delivered too slowly”, he writes in the paper.

Dirty secrets give lobbyists access to heart of Westminister 

The Times says an investigation has been launched into the growing number of parliamentary groups that can give lobbyists access to Westminster without having to declare who their clients are.

Platinum Jubilee: Four-day party will celebrate Queen’s Jubilee

The paper’s front page reports a special four-day bank holiday has been granted for June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign, Buckingham Palace announced. It will be the first time a British monarch has celebrated 70 years on the throne, the paper adds. 

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Buckingham Palace banned ethnic minorities from office jobs in 1960s, files show

The Times says Buckingham Palace stopped “coloured immigrants or foreigners” from working as anything other than domestic servants in the royal household as recently as the late 1960s, according to documents found in the National Archives.

Post-Brexit Australian trade deal to be signed ‘in weeks’

The Times says ministers believe that they are on track to sign within weeks the first fully-fledged, post-Brexit trade deal with Australia that will mean tariffs between the two countries being slashed.

‘Uncontrollable’ Indian variant forces Melbourne to extend Covid lockdown

The Times says Melbourne is to extend its fourth lockdown of the pandemic for another week after the state premier said the city was battling a coronavirus variant that is “quicker and more contagious than we have ever seen before”.



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