The Guardian - Boris Johnson facing humiliation ahead of G7 summit

The Guardian - Boris Johnson facing humiliation ahead of G7 summit

The Guardian leads with tory rebels who want to overturn the government’s cut to foreign aid, the paper predicts it will be an embarrassing week for the PM ahead of the G7 summit. 


Boris Johnson facing humiliation over foreign aid cuts before G7 summit 

The Guardian reports the latest on the rebel Conservative MPs who want to overturn the government’s cuts to foreign aid. The paper says Boris Johnson has “set himself on collision course” with many of his MPs after No 10 suggested it would defy an order by the Commons Speaker to give MPs a vote on the issue. 

Senior figures including Theresa May are expected to condemn the cuts in a debate later, the Guardian suggests it will be embarrassing for Boris Johnson ahead of the G7 summit this week.

The front page features a picture of cricketer Ollie Robison as MPs criticise the decision to suspend him following offensive tweets from ten years ago. 

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