Alleged neo-Nazi on trial, the ‘next Christchurch shooter’ 

Alleged neo-Nazi on trial, the ‘next Christchurch shooter’ 

Alleged neo-Nazi Dean Morrice on trial – the ‘next Christchurch shooter’ with ethnonationalism views

A 34-year-old former army employee is on trial for terror and explosive offences. He told police after his arrests that it was clear they were worried he was “the next Christchurch shooter”, a court heard. 

Dean Morrice made reference to the man who killed 51 people in a shooting rampage at mosques in New Zealand, he also claimed the ingredients he was storing, that could make IEDs, were partly for home brewing. 

Police heard he wanted to rent farmland where he could set off rockets he had made with a 3D printer – but insists it was just for fun with his kids. 

A previous hearing heard he had a stockpile of chemicals, terrorism manuals and instructions for a 3D-printed gun when his home was raided last year. 

He also expressed he was apolitical, but also admitted he sympathised with some elements of “ethnonationalism.” 

“I might have been an idiot and an expressed a few ideas, some ideas that would be quite edgy for some people but would not put me in the category of being a terrorist,” he told police.

The Guardian – He feared police would draw ‘incorrect conclusion’

BBC – Neo-Nazi accused ‘played guitar to mosque attacks footage’



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