The Daily Mail - 3 year wait for dentist - New Panorama 'fakery storm'

The Daily Mail - 3 year wait for dentist - New Panorama 'fakery storm'

The Daily Mail leads with the news some patients are facing delayed treatment, there’s a new Panorama fakery storm on the horizon and the British boy’s big payday!

The Mail Online leads with the news Boris Johnson and fiancee Carrie are set to wed in 2022 and the shooting of the London BLM activist Sasha Johnson.

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Dentist appointments available in 3 years 

The Daily Mail’s front splash leads with the story that dental patients are facing delayed treatment with some people forced to wait until 2024 for NHS appointments. Watchdogs say many people are turning to private care and some are even pulling out their own teeth.

New Panorama fakery storm 

The paper’s front splash features a picture of Terry Venables and his wife, along with the headline: “Venables, Bashir and a new Panorama fakery storm”. The paper says the BBC faced a fresh Martin Bashir fakery storm over a Panorama he presented about football legend Terry Venables.

Since the release of Lord Dyson’s inquiry into the tactics used by Bashir to secure the 1995 Princess Diana interview, other people have come forward to express their concern. The former footballer condemned the ‘same dubious tactics he said were used on him. 

A day earlier, Micheal Jackson’s family had said they believed Bashir used his connection to Diana to secure the interview with the pop star, and the family were considering suing. 

British boys £500k payday 

The family behind ‘Charlie Bit MY Finger’ viral video sold for a whopping £500k yesterday when it sold as a ‘digital artwork’. The 55-second clip, shot in 2007, has become one of the most viewed viral videos of all time. And according to the paper, it astonishingly fetched $760,000. 

The paper speaks to the family, including dad Howard Davies-Carr who uploaded the footage of his two boys Harry, three and one-year-old Charlie, in 2007. 

Headlines from the Mail Online

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds to wed

The Mail Online reports prime minister Boris Johnson and fiancee Carrie Symonds have sent out ‘save the date’ cards to friends and family. According to reports from the Sun, the pair are set to wed in July 2022. 

Boris and Carrie got engaged in 2019 but due to the pandemic, their wedding plans were delayed. Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds are the first unmarried couple to live in Downing Street, having moved in during July 2019, reports the Mail. 

Sasha Johnson shot in the head

The Mail describes BLM activist Sasha Johnson as the ‘Black Panther of Oxford’. The Mail says the activist, 27, is fighting for her life after being shot in the head after numerous death threats but police say there is ‘no indication at this stage it is a targeted shooting’

The Mail reports she was ‘brutally’ attacked and is in critical condition. 



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