Daily Mirror – £100m for the royals? … Reign it in

£100m for the royals? … Reign it in - that's the headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror.

Daily Mirror – £100m for the royals? … Reign it in

The Daily Mirror leads on research which has found that the Royal Family cost taxpayers £102.4m last year.

As the nation struggled in the cost of living crisis, spending on the royals rose £15million – 17% – to top £100m for the first time.

Royal finances expert Norman Baker said: “It’s not right.”

The multi-million-pound renovation of Buckingham Palace helped to drive up the bill for the royal family.

Spending on the project rose to £63.9million, up £14.4million on the previous year, as work intensified to prepare the palace for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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