Paris Fashion Week 2022 is back on the catwalk after two virtual years

Paris Fashion Week 2022 is back after a long absence. The fashion industry is determined to get back on the catwalks after nearly two years of virtual events.

During the covid pandemic, most of the worlds most well-known brands were forced to retreat online, with virtual events and fashion shows streamed on Youtube.

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Paris Fashion Week 2022 is back

Despite the complications caused by the pandemic, the fashion community is stepping out regardless. Most fashion houses are returning to live shows as the menswear week kicks off, followed immediately by haute couture shows.

Some 17 of the 76 brands of the official Paris menswear calendar — including big names like Dior, Hermes and Rick Owens — will be back on the catwalk, up from just six last summer.

Nearly 30 others are opting for other types of in-person events — inviting journalists, buyers and other taste-makers to less formal gatherings around the French capital.

Virtual fashion show – Not dead yet!

Haute couture designers are relishing a return to the catwalk, with 18 of 29 houses planning live shows. But with the caveat that the virus might throw a last-minute spanner in the works.

Some changes have already been announced: the Sidaction charity evening to raise money for AIDS research, which traditionally marks the end of the haute couture week, has been postponed until July.

Giorgio Armani cancelled his menswear show in Milan and haute couture show in Paris over the latest surge in Covid cases.

That decision sparked a sense of deja-vu as it was the 87-year-old Italian maestro who was first to cancel his catwalk shows in the early days of the pandemic in February 2020.


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