British ambassador dies of Coronavirus in Hungary after contracting coronavirus

British ambassador dies of Coronavirus in Hungary after contracting coronavirus

Deputy British Ambassador to Hungary dies after contracting coronavirus. Steven Dick, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Budapest, has died after contracting coronavirus, the Foreign Office announced on Wednesday.

The 37-year-old diplomat died in Hungary on Tuesday, it said in a statement. He had served as Deputy British Ambassador to Hungary since December, according to a biography published on the UK government’s website.

Hungary’s nationalist government passed a law last week that would enable the Prime Minister Viktor Orban to rule by decree for an unlimited power for a period of time, citing the coronavirus emergency.

The special powers would make it possible for prime minister Viktor Orban’s government to “suspend the application of certain laws, derogate from legal provisions, and take extraordinary measures in the interest of guaranteeing the stabilisation of the lives, health, personal and material security of citizens, as well as the economy,”

The latest from the PM press conference

Earlier today Boris Johnson’s latest press briefing on the UK’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end.

  • The UK government’s chief medical adviser said there was a “bottleneck” in ramping up testing amid global demand
  • He said an antibody test – to see if people had had the virus – was being developed but would not be online next week
  • He added the UK’s modelling on the spread of the virus was based on “quite a lot of people” still having to go into work

A quarter of the world’s population is now living under some form of lockdown. As Global cases exceed 400,000 with deaths approaching 20,000 and more than 100,000 recovered. The death toll in Spain has overtaken China, rising by 738 to 3,434.

More details to follow.


PM is giving his latest briefing – We’re delaying the spread for the sake of the NHS


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