Recreate 3 best Emily in Paris outfits from Paris


Was the hit movies ‘Emily in Paris’ filmed in Paris? say Oui or Yes, it was. Lilly Collins and the rest of the crew travelled all the way to Paris to film their much-discussed rom-com series. For today’s fashion segment we are styling 3 BEST EMILY IN PARIS OUTFITS.

The show boasts some of the most “captivating” fashion moments of 2020. With Patricia Field, the legendary costume designer for Sex And The City, Younger, and The Devil Wears Prada taking good care of the fashion aspect.

We saw a lot of worthy outfits to take inspiration from and if you are wondering if Emily in Paris was sponsored by Chanel the timeless fashion brand, the answer is no. In spite of that, the brand sees a sharp rise in interest on its platform regardless.

We have picked the 3 best Emily in Paris outfits, including the one with the green Chanel coat and our fashion designer Rana Zone gives lessons on how to recreate 3 Emily in Paris look, at an affordable price.

A complete step by step guide with a video tutorial below – Save the page so you can watch the tutorial again and again. Or better still subscribe to our makeup & fashion section and we will drop you a gentle email every time we have a new Fashion lesson or tip.

3 Best emily in paris outfits-video tutorial

emily in paris outfits
emily in paris costume designer

Our guides are simple and it is easy to recreate these three stunning ‘Emily in Paris’ outfits.

But if you need any more instructions, just drop a question in the comments below and our resident Fashion Expert will drop you a reply.

emily in paris coats

"emily in paris" netflix hit show
Follow the Step by Step guide for the Emily in Paris fashion outfits recreation - By Rana Zone

emily in paris streaming

1st outfit

Step 1: Find yourself a Houndstooth print suit set with a jacket and a skirt. Boohoo has numerous choices.

Step 2: Wear a red beret to give the “Parisiana” look. 

Step 3: To finish it off, wear a box bag in a dark colour for that Chanel feel.

2nd outfit

Step 1: Look for a floral shirt. They are everywhere!

Step 2: Short skirts from Emily in Paris outfits are a big fashion statement. Rana recommends leather short skirt. (For the vegans a vegan-leather short skirt.)

Step 3: A long white coat will give you a very minimal look.

Step 4: “Emily” did get “too big for her boots” and so should you. Grab a pair of block heel black ankle boots.

emily in paris clothes
emily in paris online

3rd outfit

Step 1: Suit yourself a suit set with a jacket with shorts.

Step 2: Combine the suit with a chiffon shirt.

Step 3: Final and best piece if you ask me, put on the “green Chanel coat”. For those who can’t afford it look for duplication of it in Topshop, Zara or Bershka. We won’t tell anyone!

Enjoy the mix and matching and don’t forget; Wear the outfit, don’t let the outfit “wear” you.


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