Olympic Champion Tom Daley ‘in talks to write children’s book’

Olympic Champion Tom Daley ‘in talks to write children’s book’

Olympic Champion Tom Daley ‘in talks to write children’s book’

British star Tom Daley is reportedly in talks to write a children’s book following his success at the Olympics in Tokyo

The diver is reported to already be in meetings about the possible book, which comes ahead of the release of his debut memoir – Coming Up For Air – which is due to hit shelves in October. 

‘Tom has a huge appeal and because of his incredible sporting career he is a household name,’ an insider said.

‘His success at the Tokyo Games only made him stand out more and those

‘Those around him think a children’s book would be a brilliant step. As a father himself, he knows what works for children and what they like.’

The source continued to The Sun: ‘And being able to continue to inspire more children through a book is a real pull. Tom is incredibly busy, but this is something his team wants him to consider.’

In other news, Tom has said he hopes seeing ‘out’ athletes will make people feel valued and less alone. 

Following anti-LGBT commentary on Russian state television, Tom pointed out that history shows society has been dictated from the ‘straight, white, male experience’.

Tom has been married to American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black for four years and the couple have a young son. 

Tom came out in 2013 and was among a record number of LGBT+ athletes at the Tokyo Games.

‘Of course it’s come a long way,’ Tom told reporters. ‘There’s still a lot further to go. There are 10 countries that are competing at these Olympic Games where being LGBT is punishable by death.

‘I feel extremely lucky to be representing Team GB, to be able to stand on the diving board as myself with a husband and a son and not worry about any ramifications.

‘But I know that I’m very fortunate to have that and that there are lots of people who grow up around the world with less fortunate situations.

‘I just hope that seeing out sportspeople in all these different sports is going to help people feel less alone, feel like they are valued and can achieve something.’

Tom Daley wins emotional Tokyo 2020 diving gold medal 13 years after Olympic debut



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