Pakistani movie filmed by a Scot - 'Sacch' Coming soon!

Pakistani movie filmed by a Scot - 'Sacch' Coming soon!

The Pakistani film industry, Bollywood and British film industries come together for the first time in the production of Sacch.

It is the first-ever movie to be shot in Scotland and produced by a Pakistani titled ‘Sacch‘ – which translates as ‘truth’.

Produced by Scottish politician of Pakistani heritage Tasmina Sheikh OBE, has produced this cinematic masterpiece on a budget.

As a former actor she has used all her experience and focussed her efforts to producing her first feature-length film which showcases the life of Pakistani immigrants in Scottish society.

Her maiden feature is a magnificent blend of music, joy, heartbreak and intense acting.

The entire process has been a truly family affair as her daughter is playing the lead actress and the movie was directed by her husband, Zulfiqar Shaikh, who is also an actor.

The star-studded cast, from Pakistan and UK is supported by the magnificent title song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Stirring a deep and meaningful emotional connection between the film’s narrative and a symphony of music to the listeners.

Presenting the theatrical trailer of ‘SACCH’ The Movie.


Gets a thumbs up and 5-star rating from WTX News

I’ve never watched a full-scale Bollywood drama before and absolutely loved the singing, dancing, romance and intensity of the acting. I was left in suspense at the cliff-hanging interval and couldn’t wait for the second half to start. When it arrived I was not disappointed and was kept guessing who would get the girl right up until the last minute. “MACnificent” as we say in Scotland!

By Yvonne Ridley

“A visual and musical extravaganza. Love feels like heaven but hurts like Hell.”


The movie is a great example of British filmmaking. It brings on board not just the creativity of the British director but also the British Producer, British Head of Production and British female lead.



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