Harry and Meghan ‘touching nod to the Queen’ with baby name

Harry and Meghan ‘touching nod to the Queen’ with baby name

Harry and Meghan ‘touching nod to the Queen’ with baby name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will welcome their baby girl soon, very soon some sources are claiming. 

Speaking to OK! A source said the royal couple are considering the name Lily in a sweet nod to the Queen. 

They explained: “It would be a lovely nod to The Queen who was known as ‘Lillibet’ during her childhood but it’s also always been one of Harry’s favourite names.

“Back in 2019 when the Duchess was pregnant with Archie, she and Harry took part in a walkabout in Merseyside and someone in the crowd later revealed he’d asked her how she spells her daughter’s name – Lily. He took great interest in it.”

Prince-harry & The Duchess of-sussex-dont have to worry about Paternity leave, but if they did, they should move to Sweden or Norway, anywhere but the US and UK
Archie is born! Harry and Meghan with their son, a daughter is expected soon

Many believe the baby’s name might be Diana – after William and Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana – although it seems unlikely as the names Archie and Diana don’t fit together very well. But Archie and Lily or Archie and Olivia are a much better fit. 

Prince Harry is expected back in the UK for the July 1 statue unveiling – in tribute to Diana, to mark what would have been her 60th birthday. But some sources are saying the new Sussex baby is due very soon throwing doubt on whether Harry will be able to return. 

There is also a chance the new royal baby has already been born. After stepping back as senior royals, Harry and Meghan do not need to publicly announce the birth of their daughter. 



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